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Word "Bosnia" is apparently derived from an old Indo-European word "bosana", meaning water, something there is no lack of here for certain.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is not only blessed with a great abundance of crystal clear mountain rivers but with high quality thermal springs as well.

BiH authorities have been actively investing in modernizing thermal spas facilities in the country to offer our guests top quality spas services for only a fraction of the price of our other European neighbours. With full service facilities available in more than 15 locations there is always a relaxing place for a massage or full range of thermal treatment. Terma in Sarajevo is an ideal location, near both the city center and Bjelasnica and Igman ski centers. The spas in Teslic, Fojnica and Banja Luka also offer spas services with modern facilities and are all located in beautiful natural surroundings.

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Our mission is to be one of the leading destination management companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina  with strong commitment to the international travelers to deliver the best of the quality services.
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