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Bosnia and Herzegovina with its natural wealth provides the ideal opportunity for a number of extreme sports. It’s particularly attractive to the tourists because of its natural resources, which few countries in the world can boast with. There are many beautiful mountains and rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which provides the possibility of staying in intact nature, but also an unforgettable experience for all fans of adventure and an extra dose of adrenaline



On the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina operates Extreme Sports Fans Association, an organization founded in order to provide connectivity of clubs, associations and individuals engaged in extreme sports: aviation, mountaineering, rafting... at the local, regional, national and international level in order to affirm, train, educate and conduct professional scientific research.



Rivers Tara, Vrbas, Una and Neretva enable unique rafting experience. This sport is very popular in Bosnia, as a rapid descent down mountain rivers in special rubber boats, designed for fast mountain water, and with modern equipment. The participants in rafting need life-jacket suits and boots, while boats are managed by trained skippers.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has many beautiful canyons, rapids and waterfalls, and rafting in it is a unforgettable event for many. If you come in Bihac or Banja Luka, you can visit clubs Una Kiro rafting, Una-Aquarius and Canyon, which will allow you rafting on rivers Una and Vrbas and many do not remain indifferent toward the beautiful surroundings of Foca, where you can enjoy rafting on Tara, which raises adrenalin, but also relaxes the soul.




Sport Climbing


Climbing has always attracted mountaineers as a natural upgrade for mountaineering. 

Dreznica climbing center is an ideal place because of extraordinary quality of the rocks and a large number of directions, which perfectly fitted allow climbers to fully enjoy the safe climbing. 

Climbing courses consist of a theoretical introduction of equipment and various techniques of climbing, descending and securing, as well as practical training on the rocks of Dreznica.





Paragliding is one of the newest of air sports, which intensively develops and expands over the last fifteen years, and is increasingly taking root in the sport aviation. In this sport there are no complicated procedures, laws, long and arduous training and everything else that kills pleasure, spontaneity and freedom of flight.


Benefits of practicing paragliding is also that all equipment needed for this sport fits in a backpack, weighing about 15 kg. This sport is available to everyone, from 16 to 75 years of age. Good equipment, proper training and most important, mature reasoning make paragliding sure, however, it should be taken into account that it is an adventurous sport that includes a certain risk.




Mountain Biking



Mountain biking is a relatively new, extreme sport and appeared in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the war when the minimum conditions for practicing this sport were created. Importing top quality bikes from the west and the gathering of the first organized group of cyclists created the conditions for the promotion of this sport, both recreational and competitive.

One of the pioneers of mountain biking in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Hajrudin Nino Klipo which among the first organized group trail rides on the paths of Igman and Bjelasnica. More and more cyclists on new and better bikes decide to visit the mountains and thus discover the beauty of their country.



Alpine Climbing


Did you know that there is a 1300 meters high cliff on Cvrsnica? That there are some of the longest routes in the Balkans on Cvrsnica?

We organize water rises to the most important directions of BiH: Osobac (600m), Izgorjela Gruda (450m), Otis (200) as well as many others.





Canyoning is one of the most adventerous activity. We will take you into the secret world built of rocks and fast waters, a very special ambience.

As an example, there are canyons of Rakitnica and Mostarska Bijela, which are ideal for this sport. These two canyons are completely different and fascinating world. There is a rapid, uncontrollable water of canyon Rakitnica as well as combination of canyoning and caving in the canyon of Bijela. 




Jumping from a Bridge in Mostar


In addition to football in Mostar the most famous extreme sport is jumping from the Old Bridge into Neretva. Jumping competition from the bridge is traditionally organized every year in mid-summer (late July) entitled "Ikari", organized by Divers into the river Neretva Club "Mostari". The importance of this event shows that the competition is always transferred by the state television, or by some of the most influential commercial television stations in the country, and these jumps are known as one of the most important sporting events in Bosnia and Herzegovinina today.


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