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Climbing has always attracted mountaineers as a natural upgrade for hiking. Extreme Sports Club Scorpio will help you walk into this world...
Dreznica Climbing Center is an ideal place because of extraordinary quality of the rocks and a large number of directions, which perfectly adapted allow climbers to fully and safely enjoy climbing.
Climbing courses consist of a theoretical introduction of equipment and various techniques of climbing, descending and securing, as well as practical training on the rocks of Dreznica.


Alpine Climbing

Did you know that there is a cliff 1300 meters high on Cvrsnica? That there are some of the longest routes in the Balkans on Cvrsnica?
Scorpio organizes water rises to the most important directions of BiH: Osobac (600m), Izgorjela Gruda (450m), Otis (200) as well as many others.
Club also organizes weekend climbing in Paklenica (Croatia), one of the most attractive climbing areas of Europe.


Region with the best potential for flying in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Training ground for those interested in the possibility of the first flights, as well as the top flight for those with experience. Orientation of starts for the north wind directions, as well as south, 2067 m of altitude, with weather-observatory at the top from which you can get basic information about the condition of the top such as the strength and direction.
On the mountain there are a number of starts that were grassy and slightly inclined at different altitudes, which allow both starts, and landings for beginners. Access to the mountain is from the Sarajevo-Krupac-Igman (Police Station)-Bjelasnica-Babin Dol (landing) as well as from the direction of Mostar-Hadzic-Igman-Bjelasnica-Babin Dol.
Experience the feeling of flying in a two-day courses of paragliding! You will get to know theory and principles of flight on the slopes of Smetovi, as well as ways of managing and landing a paraglider. Also, we will perform the first short-haul flights and you will feel the rush of adrenalin while flying tens of meters high. This is a unique opportunity for getting to know paragliding.


Ski School "KELI" exists since 2005. on location of the Olympic beauty of Bjelasnica.
The school was started by students of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Sarajevo. They are already graduate professors of sports and physical education now. In addition to faculty positions they are aslo the owners of the ski instructor license issued by the Ski Federation of BiH (ATUS).
We can guarantee quality and fast mastering skiing techniques. It’s on you to make the first step, and on us to enable you to enjoy the charms of skiing and the beauty of Bjelasnica.
We hope to meet soon!!!


Snowboard in recent years has become a planetary hit that brings together a large number of snow sports enthusiasts.
Until recently it was reserved only for the fans of fun in the snow, but it was great interest for this sport that rose it to the level of world sport euphoria and since 1998., it is in the family of Olympic sports. The time of its pioneers had stopped, and the modern era of snowboarding began.
What makes this sport unique is the free ride and the opportunity for each contestant to express their individuality.

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