Hunting and Fishing in Fall

Fall hunting in Bosnia and Herzegovina has a long and rich tradition. Whether for hunting or fishing, BiH is the right place for it, and fall is the right time. Due to its wealth of water resources in every corner of the country you can find a place that is a real haven for anglers. It does not matter whether you are in the north, south, east or west, you'll find rivers or lakes rich in fish.

In BiH you can choose between the fishing on the calm plain rivers (Sava), where you can catch major examples of catfish, pike, carp, perch or the fishing on the faster waters (Neretva, Una, Sana, Drina), where the species such as trout (which in some water is endemic), grayling, chub, barbel and more can be found.
Of course, many traditional competitions are held on most rivers (Neretva, Una, Drina, etc.) and some of them are international in character. We must add that in the lower reaches of Neretva River eel can be found, which comes here from the Adriatic Sea for spawning. Fishing in the lakes is also widespread and we’ll mention just some of the favorite anglers’ locations: Jablanicko Lake, Prokosko Lake, Busko Lake, Ramsko Lake.

When it comes to hunting, varied terrain configuration, large expanses of high forests, mountain meadows and pastures, vast fields, Posavina’s fertile lowlands and diverse climatic factors make Bosnia and Herzegovina an ideal place for this type of tourism or sport. Numerous hunting associations, unions, farms with rich tradition operate in the country. Mostly hunting grounds are managed by hunting associations and farms, or are under the administration of national parks, as is the case with hunting ground "Zelengora" which falls under the jurisdiction of the Park "Sutjeska" and a special hunting ground "Kozara" which is under administration of the same named park. Hunting grounds Bardaca, Zelengora, Sator, Cincar, Vran, Jahorina, Treskavica, Igman, Bjelasnica, Grmec, Kozara, Velez, region of municipalities of Kupres, Livno, Drvar, Tomislavgrad, Bijeljina, Nevesinje are just some of the favorite hunting destinations.

The choice of game is really great and ranges from large animals such as bear, boar, wolf, roebuck, chamois, red deer (hunting grounds Zelengora, Sator, Cincar, Grmec, region of municipality of Nevesinje, etc.) to birds such as: black grouse, duck, grouse, partridge, pigeon, quail, pheasant (hunting grounds Bardaca, Sanicani, region of municipality of Livno, Tomislavgrad, Nevesinje, region of Kupres, Glamocko Polje, etc.). There are also wild cats, rabbits, foxes (hunting grounds Dobric - Rabina - Zulja - Kamena, especially hunting ground Kozara, etc.), in a word everything that a hunter could wish for. We need not emphasize that hunting is strictly regulated by law which is respected to the greatest extent. Hunting season or closed season are designated by precisely regulated terms, and the hunters gathered around their associations are themselves caring for wildlife in particular as regards the number of hunted animals, or feeding them when the snow covers the ground. They go hunting only organized and abide by the standards of safety which is in the first place regardless of whether they are experienced hunters or newcomers. Of course, all hunting is kind of socializing that usually ends up by hunting dinner and exchange of experiences. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are also associations that can organize hunting for hunters who are not members of their associations or for foreign tourists.

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