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Customs and Tradition

Experience Europe the way it once was. Old habits die hard in Bosnia and Herzegovina, preserving the old traditions of all people in BiH.

It is impossible to separate man and nature here, for it is from the rugged wilderness that our customs evolved. 

Traditional music still echoes from the mountain valleys, with the highlanders still clad in century’s old traditional attire. One thing our forefathers have taught us is to respect the old ways - and that is to treat our guests as if they were one of our own. Perhaps is our most honoured trademark - the tradition of hospitality. Our traditional cuisine is a fascinating mélange of western and eastern dishes, all with a special touch that is uniquely Bosnian.


About us

Our mission is to be one of the leading destination management companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina  with strong commitment to the international travelers to deliver the best of the quality services.
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