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Traditional buregdzinica in the heart of Stari Grad (The Old Town) will impress you with its kind staff and warm ambiance. It certainly offers one of the best pies in city. All pies are made in the traditional Bosnian way, which is “ispod saca” what made this buregdzinica got its name.

Buregdzinica Bosna is one of Sarajevo's most famous inns. It is located in Stari Grad (The Old Town) in Bravadziluk Street which is known as food street. High quality staff is at your service and will offer you one of the best pies in Sarajevo.




It is located in the heart of Bascarsija. It was opened in 1984., when Sarajevo Olympic Winter Games were held. Cevabdzinica Petica is a part of family tradition. Surname Ferhatovic is known since 1957. when they opened the first cevabdzinica in Sarajevo, and in the opinion of many, even the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The tradition of making cevapi in Ferhatovic family dates back for 50 years.

Seher is a newly opened object located at Curciluk Veliki Street in heart of Stari Grad (The Old Town). Beautiful traditional decor will enchant you.

Cevabdžinica Zeljo is one of the most popular in Sarajevo, located in the center of Bascarsija. Each cevap you eat in this cevabdžinica is the special story. An unforgettable taste will satisfy even the most demanding guest.



Nanina Kuhinja is an original old Bosnian ascinica in the heart of Bascarsija. Pleasant traditional decor is breathtaking even for the most demanding. Great food and excellent drinks will turn your stay into a dream.

In this city, the concept of good food is closely tied to AsDz Buregdzinica. Traditional decor, professional staff and unique taste of prepared dishes “ispod saca” will make your stay unforgettable.


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