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Kostelski Buk

In the unique atmosphere of Una’s waterfalls and intact natural surroundings near the city of Bihac Kostelski Buk is located. Stylish and attractive, but with the charm and spirit of the bygone days this representative object with four stars will not leave you indifferent.
Rich offer is completed with extraordinary gastro specialties of traditional Bosnian, Mediterranean and international kichen. Of course, unavoidable good spirit of our hotel and cordial personnel at your service is what makes us particularly proud of.
Whether your visit is of business or tourist character, we are sure that your expectations will be fulfilled either way.

Park Princeva (Park of Princes)

The restaurant "Park Princeva," is hidden at the top of the Old Town is the place where poets, bohemians, travelers and those who carry Sarajevo in their heart always eagerly gathered.
Opened in summer 2001., it has more than 50 employees and as such still manages to retain the prestigious reputation among both domestic and foreign visitors.
It has 200 seats in its closed unit, and 450 seats in its natural surroundings of summer garden. Parking lot with 70 parking spaces is at guests’ service.
The interior of the restaurant, carefully designed, and the natural environment of the summer garden, will hardly leave anyone indifferent, and will certainly satisfy the most selective tastes and preferences of respected visitors.

Zdrava Voda (Healthy Water)

Restaurant Zdrava Voda is a private restaurant that works since 1967. It is located on the main road M17 at the exit from Jablanica to the Adriatic Sea. It is located in the canyon of Neretva, in an oasis of tranquility and greenery.
You will find delicious specialties from the grill in the menu, a large selection of meals a la carte, fresh trout, and we especially recommend Jablanica’s famous specialty of grilled lamb, which became a sort of brand.
The restaurant's terrace provides a magnificent view of the green Neretva and the cultural-historical monument of the collapsed bridge on Neretva and Memorijalni Muzej (Memorial Museum) "Battle for the wounded on Neretva."
At only an hour's drive away from the sea, half an hour to the nearby ski resorts in Risovac, Zdrava Voda has become a favorite destination of many tourists from the country and abroad.
The kind staff will ensure that your every wish is fulfilled, and pleasant atmosphere in the object and its surroundings will make your stay pleasant and unforgetable.
The interior of the restaurant and terrace with spectacular view on the beautiful green river Neretva provide a pleasant ambiance, while the parking lot provides enough space for guests’ vehicles. All of the above has made the restaurant Zdrava Voda becomes inevitable destination of a large number of happy and satisfied guests.
In the pleasant atmosphere of the object, in deep shade and the soft sound of Neretva, get comfortable, cool down, and drink the ice-cold healthy water. This will make your satifaction to be complete.
Take a moment and feel the power of Zdrava Voda!

Cevabdzinica Zeljo

Cevabdzinica Zeljo is one of the most popular cevabdzinicas in Sarajevo. It is located in the center of Bascarsija. Each cevap you eat in this cevabdzinica is a special story. An unforgettable taste will satisfy the most demanding guest.

Restaurant Kibe

With panoramic views of Sarajevo by day and night, you can enjoy varied selection of Bosnian dishes and grilled lamb in restaurant Kibe. This famous object, which hosted eminent individuals from political, public and cultural life from all over the world: statesmen, representatives of the European Union, top artists... started to build its reputation and quality of service from its opening in March 1988., with commitment and devotion of Vreto family, headed by Sakib Vreto, more known as Kibe. The kind staff always ready to meet any guest's wishes contributes to this reputation.
We wish you tasty meal in seven different sections of the restaurant and beautiful view of Sarajevo.

Bosanska Kuca (Bosnian House)

Only ten miles from the center of the city of Tuzla, in the intact natural environment, the national restaurant "Bosanska kuca" is located. The restaurant is located in the small Bosnian house, like one of those of our grandfathers and grandmothers in which we grew up and became men, Bosnians and Herzegovinians. Bosnian secije, pendzeri, old clocks, sinije, Bosnian carpets, paintings and other Bosnian unique, handmade objet d’art attract attention and awake the indescribable feeling of returning to the past and the life of several decades ago. This beautiful, home-restaurant generously offers all the Bosnian dishes, fresh fish (trout, carp, catfish), non-alcoholic local drinks, Bosnian coffee and catering you have not yet encountered for sure. We recommend Bosnian specialties like fritter with homemade cheese and sour cream, pura, all kinds of pies and thick soups.

Inat Kuca (Spite House)

Welcome to the traditional Bosnian restaurant "Inat Kuca." The restaurant was opened in 1998. and is located in Sarajevo in Sarajevo's old town Alifakovac.
This house has entered into history and became one of the legends of Sarajevo during the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of the 20th century. During the construction of City Hall it was supposed to be demolished but due to the disapproval of owners it was transferred to the other side of the river. It is located exactly opposite Sarajevo’s City Hall (the most famous building in Sarajevo) at the other end of Seher - Cehajina Cuprija (Bridge) on the bank of river Miljacka. More on this story can be found in the book "History".
In this restaurant you can eat only Bosnian food and enjoy sitting on the riverbank with the indigenous food while you watch the everyday life of Sarajevo in its original form.

Lutvina Kahva (Lutvo’s Coffee)

The most interesting location on Plava Voda (Blue Water) is Lutvina Kahva, a small café visited by Rudolf of Habsburg on June 18, 1887. Since then the name Rudolf Kafana (Rudolf’s Cafe) has also been used in parallel, because he donated money for restoration of café. For many years, the pot and findzan (cup) from which the prince drank coffee have been kept in the café’s showcase. And today Lutvina Kahva is a favorite destination for travelers. They stop by to enjoy the murmur of Plava Voda, which is single, Plava Voda (blue water), and not as common said outside of Travnik "Plave Vode" (blue waters). Today, when you come to drink kafa, kahva, kava (different words in Bosnian for coffee), in Lutvina Kahva, the waiter serves you with rahat lokum. For those who enjoy and drink coffee with pleasure, it's a real rite. It’s not Espresso, to be drunk hastily, but Turkish coffee witch you really enjoy drinking.



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