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Pliva Waterfall

Pliva Waterfall is located in the heart of the town of Jajce and is one of the twelve most beautiful waterfalls in the world. It is also the only waterfall that is located in the very heart of a city.
This monument of nature makes that pure and clean river Pliva, from height of 21 meters, magnificently collapses into river Vrbas, creating a beautiful sight.


Kravica Waterfall

Trebizat River has created a beautiful green belt in the middle of the karst landscape of western Herzegovina. This gorgeous waterfall with width of over 100 meters gushes from a height of over 26 meters thus creating amazing scenery with a huge roar and dewy rain. Kravica is the ideal place for a picnic or a swim and definitely provides one of the most scenic landscapes in Herzegovina.

Skakavac Waterfall

Skakavac Waterfall is located 12 kilometers north of Sarajevo, above village Nahorevo. It is one of the largest and most beautiful waterfalls in BiH and is a real tourist attraction. The waterfall is 98 meters high. The surrounding area is dominated by spruce-fir forests and beech-fir forests. The vegetation on the rocks around the waterfall is especially interesting.

Bliha Waterfall

Bliha Waterfall on the stream having the same name stands out by its beauty. At a height of 56 m, for which people from Sanski Most say that there is none at a higher altitude in Bosnia, it’s true refreshment to every traveler in summer time.
The waterfall is located on the 10th kilometer on the road Sanski Most-Lusci Palanka, near the village of Gornji Kamengrad. To get there you’ll go through Fajtovci where is burial chamber to the celebrated Bosnian general, who delivered Vlasic and several cities in the mighty counterattack of BiH Army in 1995. From local road to Lusci Palanka you need to drive along the steep gravel road, and pray to God that you don’t meet some other vehicle from the opposite direction. If you are so lucky, you will not repent of what you will see.

Strbacki Buk Waterfall

Strbacki Buk is a grandiose waterfall formed by river Una right behind Kulen Vakuf. In this part Una forms the border between Republic of Croatia and BiH. The amazing scene of watching the waterfall, will make time seem as if it had stopped. Strbacki Buk is certainly one of the most attractive places in BiH.



Unac Waterfall

At the mouth of Unac in Una, on the 20th kilometer from Drvar, on the way to Kulen Vakuf and Bihac, in the background encircled by Lika’s karst, settlement Martin Brod jealously guards its unique charms and natural beauty intact for centuries.
Right here, the biggest waterfall of Una is located. This waterfall is called Veliki Slap, while people call it Bukovi na Uni. Downstream from Martin Brod, the most attractive waterfall - Strbacki Buk is located, which consists of three sections 40 meters wide, 23.5 meters high. Near Bihac is Troslap 2.5 meters high and Dvoslap 1.5 meters high.

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