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Old Crafts

Brush makers

It is not known when real brushes began to be made for the first time, but it is known that brushes were made from furs of black rabbit, green weasel and white he-goat in ancient China, 6000 years ago. These brushes were used in calligraphy. Three thousand years before the Christ, the Egyptians used the brushes to draw their hieroglyphs on papyrus (made from softened cane) and at the same  time, the brushes were also made for make up use. In ancient Rome, combs were used by men and women. We do not known for sure whether they used brushes, but many handles, usually regarded as mirror handles, could have been brush handles. There is one certain thing that during the Romans, crests for centurions were made with similar method as it is used now for manufacture of horse fur brushes.

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Shopping Centers

BBI Centar

BBI Centar is a modern business center which with its concept and quality of services provides a unique atmosphere of the highest standards. It is designed to meet the needs of all visitors and encompass a variety of topics and therefore is the most complete center of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
In BBI Center you can visit the showroom of famous brands, among which are those who arrived on the BiH market for the first time. Part of BBI Center is modern and sophisticated office space, which extends up to the 10th floor.


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Beekeeping Fair

Promotion of successful beekeepers and beekeeping in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the popularization of bee products and beekeeping equipment can certainly be done in different ways. One way is presentation of the best beekeepers and beekeeping associations in the event known as BEE FEST, and it is a protected project - beekeeping and beekeeping equipment fair - BEE FEST - Days of Apiculture, which is traditionally organized in Sarajevo every September on Trg Oslobodjenja - Alija Izetbegovic, the central city square near the Faculty of Economics. Gatherings of beekeepers from BiH and the region at the biggest "honey fair" in BiH contribute to the fact that wider circles of people become familiar with this activity and its products and interested in beekeeping in the form of a customer or prospective passionate beekeeper.
Beekeeping is one of the very important agricultural activities today. In addition, beekeeping is now being taught in colleges, people do their doctorates in the field of beekeeping, and there is an abundance of professional literature with various beekeeping topics. However, beekeeping is not only a science but a hobby as the majority of "small" beekeepers treat it. It is a hobby which they can not abandon, because one who truly loves the bees and beekeeping remains with the bees forever. So fair aims to present the activities of both "big" and "small" beekeepers - who produce the healthiest and highest quality honey.

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Narodno Pozoriste (National Theater)

Narodno Pozoriste of Sarajevo is the largest theater house in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the most important in South East Europe. It was opened on November 1921, and the solemn opening went to Branislav Nusic, Chief of the Art Department of the Ministry of Education at that time. Music and drama programs were carried for three nights in a row, and thus official start of the house was made.
On November 9, 1946 Sarajevska Opera (Sarajevo’s Opera) began its artistic activity, by Gala premiere of "The Bartered Bride" by Bedrich Smetana. Thus, great progress was made in developing musical culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Sarajevski Balet (Sarajevo’s Ballet) was also founded in 1946., but its first solo show, "The Harvest" by Boris Papandopulo did not take place until May 25, 1950, which was also the beginning of its real professional existence at the scene of Narodno Pozoriste.
With more than 1,600 drama, opera and ballet artists and other professionals related to the Performing Arts, up until 1996. (when 75 years of work of Narodno Pozoriste Sarajevo was celebrated), 1040 drama premieres, and 264 opera and ballet projects were performed.


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Despica Kuca (Despic’s House) Museum

Despica Kuca is a museum-house in Sarajevo. It displays the culture of living of rich, merchant, Orthodox Despic family.
It is located on the corner of Obala Kulina Bana and Despiceva ulica in the old part of Sarajevo, near the Latinska Cuprija (Latin Bridge) and is owned by the Museum of Sarajevo.
Despica Kuca was declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2005.

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