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Canyon of Rakitnica

Rakitnica River is one of the largest tributaries of the river Neretva. It created a 26 km long, inaccessible and incredibly beautiful canyon that stretches between mountains of Bjelasnica and Visocica, southeast of Sarajevo.

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Vrelo (Spring) Bosne

Vrelo Bosne is located in the southwest of Sarajevsko Polje, at the foot of Mount Igman. For this natural monument is fair to say that it represents the most beautiful part of Sarajevo, the pride of the citizens of Sarajevo who always tried to spend their free moments in beautiful surroundings with the murmur of river Bosna.

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Blidinje Nature Park was established in 1995. The name was given by Blidinje Lake which is situated at the base of Dugo Polje at an altitude of 1184 m., with an area of about 6 km2. The water comes in the lake from the surrounding mountains of Vran and Cvrsnica, as the snow melts.

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Vjetrenica is the largest and most famous cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a protected natural monument and tourist destination in south-east part of Herzegovina. It is located 300 m east of Zavala, on the western edge of Popovo Polje, in the municipality of Ravno and 12 km away from Slano on the Adriatic coast (Croatia), that is 80 km from the city of Mostar. In total, it was discovered around 6700 meters of underground channels.

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Half of BiH are covered with forests

More than half of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is covered with forests. The forests are one of the greatest natural treasures that we possess. Forests are the most important source of oxygen in our areas.
Intact nature
Under the canopy of high-altitude coniferous forests many plant and animal species feel at home. BiH forests are also home to, among other animals, endangered species of wolves and bears, which for example in Germany there are no more. Namely, BiH is not a densely populated country, so many parts of the forest are still intact nature.
Water and Forest

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The Adriatic Sea from Split to Dubrovnik is gorgeous, very clean, and includes 22 km of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The closed bay at Neum is protected from the strong open sea winds by Peljesac Peninsula, and is wonderfully calm.

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Pliva Waterfall

Pliva Waterfall is located in the heart of the town of Jajce and is one of the twelve most beautiful waterfalls in the world. It is also the only waterfall that is located in the very heart of a city.
This monument of nature makes that pure and clean river Pliva, from height of 21 meters, magnificently collapses into river Vrbas, creating a beautiful sight.

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Bjelasnica Mountain (2.067 m) is a sharp massif with spacious slopes, which is under snow cover for more than six months in a year. This mountain hosted several of the most attractive alpine ski competitions during the 14th Winter Olympic Games in 1984.

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The territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is bordered and crossed by rivers, and the entire area is known for its wealth of waters. On the territory of BiH, there are more than one hundred lakes, which is data that further complement the picture of water resources.

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Bosna River rises from karst wells in the village Vrutci near Ilidza, at the foothill of Igman Mountain, 500 meters above the sea level. The spring is one of the main tourist attractions in Sarajevo. It is the third longest river in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the country’s three major rivers, along with Neretva and Vrbas.

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