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Clock Tower in Gradacac

Gradacac’s clock tower is located in the old town of Gradacac within the walls of the fortress near Gradacac’s tower. Massively built, and with four stories this clock tower is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a part of larger complex. The clock tower was built by Husein-kapetan (captain) in 1824. and represents his most significant contribution to the town. The basis of the object is 5,5 x 5,5 meters and it’s height is 21,50 meters.

Sarajevo's Clock Tower

Sarajevo’s clock tower is located near Gazi Husrev-Beg (Bey) Mosque and is one of the largest clock towers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built in the 17th century. After the fire in 1697., when it was burnt down under the onslaught of Eugene of Savoy, the clock tower was rebuilt, as well as 1762.
After the Austro-Hungarian occupation, the upper part of the building was annexed, and the clock was brought from London by two Sarajevo’s merchants in 1874., because the old Turkish hour, which was once on this tower, wore out. The old clock was brought to Vratnik in Vratnicka Mosque.
The clock on the tower is brand Gillett & Johnston, and was made in London in 1873.
Builder of the tower is Gazi Husrev-Beg, one of the greatest benefactors from the Turkish period. The first written record of it dates from the 17th century. The tower has 76 wooden steps, arranged in a square sequence, which climbs up muvaqqit (man who winds the clock) once a week to adjust the time. The clock must be set, because it shows the time a la turca (lunar clock). It is assumed to be the only one that shows the time by the lunar calendar. This clock shows midnight exactly at the time of sunset in Sarajevo. In the courtyard of Begova Mosque there was muveqqithana, in which, based on precise measurements and container with water, true prayer time was determined.
The clock was repaired in 1967., and the hands and numbers on all four dials were gold plated. During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan when the clock on the tower strikes 24 hours, it’s iftar time. After the first stroke, lamps turn on on minaret of Begova Mosque, and then traditionally cannon fires from Bijela tabija, which marks the end of fasting.

Clock Tower in Pocitelj

Clock Tower in Pocitelj is located in the vicinity of Pocitelj’s Sisman Ibrahim pasina (pasha’s) Mosque and is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built under the walls of the mosque at the site on which is noticeable in almost all nearby houses.
Considering that in Evlija Celebija’s travels clock tower was not even mentioned, it is assumed that this building was made prior to 1664. The tower is in the form of a square prism measuring approximately 3,22 x3,26 m, about 16 m high. It was built of stone with cut angular pieces and stone pyramid as an ending. Four broken arches are located on all four sides above the openings at the top of the tower. This form of clock tower appears in Pocitelj, Mostar and Stolac. Stylistic and historical characteristics of the clock tower have been fully kept.
Clock Tower in Travnik
Clock Tower on musala (prayer place in the open) in Travnik is one of the two clock-towers in Travnik, which is located in the lower bazaar, a natural plateau below the old town of Travnik, which is the only town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with two clock-towers. No one knows exactly when this clock tower was built. Two panels with inscriptions on renewal are preserved on it. The tower was rebuilt in 1811. by Bosnian Vizier Hilmi Ibrahim Pasa, and in 1815., Hazin Ibrahim Pasa provided funds for its repair. In the old drawings and engravings of this part of Travnik it can be seen that the clock tower was rebuilt between 1878. and 1892. The fire burned the wooden roof in 1903., after which the clock tower, after fundamental reconstruction, got its present appearance. From 1992. to 1995. musala was damaged during the shelling of Travnik from Vlasic. After the war, its roof with the sub-roof and part where the clock mechanism is located were renovated again.

Clock Tower in Jajce

Clock Tower in Jajce is located in upper town, in upper mahala in Jajce. The tower was built during the Middle Ages as forward tower in front of Jajce fortress. It is assumed to be built during the rule of Hrvoje Vukcic Hrvatinic. The tower’s character of a medieval tower entrance to the suburb is preserved in the whole. It is clearly visible by the old Jajce’s residential agglomeration, but also by the nature and position of the object.
Name of the clock tower is unsuitable for this building because there are no official data on the clock that might have stood there, nor was the tower built for that purpose. Basler also states that there are no data about clock ever standing on it, although certain Hadzo Secercehajic stated that during the Ottoman rule the object actually was modified in the clock tower and the clock mechanism was hung above the gate on the arch on the east side. Sehercehajic family took care of and maintained the clock, whose house was nearby. After the occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Austro-Hungarian troops took both clock and the bell.
Additionally, Jajce’s clock tower differs from the typical clock towers built in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the time by its height and proportions and is an unique object in this category of objects in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Clock Tower in Maglaj

Maglaj’s clock tower is located in the entrance of Maglaj’s old town. Completion of construction of this clock tower was on October the 17th, 1697.
Since members of Uzeirbegovic family took care for its repair and maintenance for decades, it’s not excluded that it is one of them who built it. In the second half of the 20th century, Maglaj’s watch maker Mahmud Donlija took care of the clock. The last member of Uzeirbegovic family that repaired this tower was Vasvi-hanuma, wife of Mustajbeg Uzeirbegovic, born Osmanbegovic. By her will, her husband Mustaj-beg and cousin Osman-beg Osmanbegovic bought the bells for the clock towers in Maglaj and Gradacac at the fair in Zagreb in 1923.
In the horizontal section the tower is a square with sides of about 3 m (3.07 m). The height of the clock tower is 17.10 m (rear is 14.77 m). In the central vertical section there are three openings that let the light in the inner part of the building and illuminate the staircase. Openings are placed on the central axis of the window which is about 50 cm wide and is vaulted by arch.
The clock tower is relatively well preserved although the clock mechanism is not in such a good condition today. In the 1950s only five clock towers had clock mechanisms in good condition - in Sarajevo, Prusac, Foca, Maglaj and Tesanj. The first two clocks show time a la turca, and others show Central European Time.

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